Alice Moustier is a German-French speaker, trainer and author. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs in France. Her grandfather took over his father's shoe factory and school shops in Lyon and St Etienne after studying at the HEC in Paris.

In 2007, she suffered a haemorrhagic stroke at the age of twenty. The subarachnoid haemorrhage in the left hemisphere of the brain, which occurs in only 5% of strokes, led to hemifacial blindness and memory loss; she was partially unable to remember the names of her parents or siblings.

Alice Moustier is now a dynamic speaker and author who loves to motivate others to enjoy life more. She lectures on how the brain (neurobiologically) and therefore our perception differs from person to person, and how recognising this diversity can improve communication in organisations. In her work she helps organisations to introduce "permaculture" into teams, to live diversity and thus be more innovative and creative. 

In 2016, Alice Moustier first appeared on a talk show ("Unter Uns") on the German TV channel "MDR" about accepting our human diversity and how important it is to accept and love ourselves. Since then she has been invited again and again to various talk shows and interviews on German radio and television, then in 2017 she was also invited by Dr. Keon West to the English radio BBC and further on to Radio France. 

In 2016, she reached the finals of the Germany-wide Start2grow competition with her business plan for a seminar hotel. However, due to certain circumstances, the project could not yet be implemented. In her new book "Scheitern geht gar nicht!" (Failure is not an option!), she conducts a dialogue with the veteran entrepreneur Dr Christian Dräger about error culture in companies, founding a company, failure and success. Because just like after the stroke, she realised after her first attempts at setting up a business:
Giving up is not an option!

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