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Communication training and Coaching in IT and TECH Enterprises
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Would you like to finally complete successful IT projects through better communication?
Do you want to solve conflicts between IT and the specialist department?
Making decisions in seconds.
What is it like in your company?
In the case of a stroke, a quick reaction sometimes means a decision between life and death.

For entrepreneurs:

Potentials can only be developed if the entire communication in the company is considered and worked on: Communicate clearly and be understood.

Honest feedback is essential. But the higher the position, the more difficult it is to engage in constructively critical discussion with peers. Different rules apply: It is often lonely at the top. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was lonely because she had visions of the future that no one believed. But it is still important to believe in yourself.
I and my team support you in this.

For geeks:
Even for geeks, communication is not easy. Thinking too quickly and around corners leads us to leave our conversation partner behind and then wonder why they can no longer follow us. Sometimes we don't even notice that we have skipped important topics and feel misunderstood. The interlocutor, in turn, also gets the feeling of not receiving empathetic understanding. This can quickly lead to conflict or ignorance.

Only those who consciously deal with their own potentials and bring their personal ideas into the company in a targeted way can emerge successful - whether as a geek in your department or as an entrepreneur in your company!


From any loss of language and memory to a fourth foreign language -The former stroke patient inspires with her lively Keynotes
The geek expert offers reflection and advice to bring clarity to even complex brains.
Train your brain in Communication
As a facilitator, she designs innovative training programmes for better communication between geeks and non-geeks, between IT and the technical department. All our joy in life is based on the need to be able to express ourselves properly and to feel understood.
more satisfied employees
fewer terminations
fewer sick days
More qualified applicants

Clients Referance

For your young age you have a great life experience, plus your imagination and confident cheerful mood. Thank you Alice.

Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Georg Grundner
Hire Geeky Aliki

About Geeky Aliki

"She is an expert in geeky communication and, as a former stroke patient, brings pure lust for live to the stage. Alice Moustier gives Keynotes, moderates and designs communication trainings. She accompanies people on their way to more inner clarity."




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12 Tipps zum Erfolg

Hier kannst du die 12 wichtigsten Learnings herunterladen, die ich dir aus den Gesprächen mit Dr. Christian Dräger zusammengetragen habe aus seinen und meinen Erfahrungen. 

Hab keine Angst mehr vor dem Scheitern, denn jede Erfahrung ist eine Herausforderung und bringt dich weiter!

Buche gerne auch unter einen Termin für eine kostenlose Telefonanalyse im Wert von 75,00 Euro. Werde vom Nerd zur/m erfolgreichen Unternehmer/in!
Ich freue mich darauf, dich bei deiner Idee zu unterstützen.

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