von Susanne Braun-Speck (Autor), Dr. Johanna Pareigis (Autor),Monika Stausberg Ulrich Stritzel (Autor), Dr. Roswitha Rogge Dr. Jacob von Au (Autor), Thomas Weidauer Claudia Münch (Autor), Sylva Jürgensen Antje Smorra (Autor), Sandra Meyer Heiko Meiwes (Autor), Dr. Eva Ritter Alice Moustier (Autor), Kerstin Brausewetter Nick Krichevsky (Autor), Niels Winkelmann Sven Neißer (Autor)  Format: Kindle Ausgabe

Transformation zu einer nachhaltigen und digitalen Welt? PISA? Die 17 Nachhaltigkeitsziele der UN können auch für das Bildungssystem selbst nutzbar gemacht werden – das ist gut für Lehrkräfte und Schüler:innen sowie eine nachhaltige Entwicklung der Schulen - und der Welt!

Wie sieht eine nachhaltige Schule aus, wie zukunftsfähige, digitale und sozialgerechte Bildung?

Das Buch gibt Antworten auf solche Fragen. Es geht um nachhaltige (digitale) Bildung, Zukunftskompetenzen, Draußen-Lernen, aber auch um Persönlichkeits-, Kreativitäts- und Begabungsentfaltung, Teamentwicklung, starke Schulgemeinschaften etc. mit praxisnahen Ideen und Aspekten aus Psychologie, Sozial- und Sonderpädagogik.
Darüber hinaus bietet es Anregungen für die Vermittlung von BNE (Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung) und liefert Ideen zwecks Vorbereitung auf PISA 2025.

Geschrieben wurde dieses Buch von einer Gruppe unabhängiger Autoren:innen – Menschen aus der Praxis (siehe Anhang). Mit dabei: Deutscher Schul-, UNESCO- sowie Projekt N-Preisträger!

Beitrag von Alice Moustier in diesem Buch:


Every team has different personalities, from extroverted chatterboxes to introverted loners. However, when an employee with poor social skills comes into play, it can challenge the dynamics and teamwork in an interesting way. But don't worry, all hope is not lost!

This blog post is designed to help you overcome the hurdles and discover the talent in such employees.

An employee with poor interpersonal skills can present various difficulties and challenges. Here are some of the most common issues that can arise:

Limited communication skills

Employees with poor interpersonal skills may have difficulty expressing themselves effectively and communicating their thoughts and ideas appropriately. They may prefer to work in private and sometimes seem impersonal or distant.

Problems with teamwork and cooperation

Working with other team members can be a challenge for employees with poor social skills. They often withdraw and tend to distance themselves from group activities or discussions, which affects the team dynamic. They also often don't like conflict and prefer to avoid it… which sometimes makes the conflict worse. Because

Lack of sensitivity for interpersonal issues

Employees with poor social skills may find it difficult to perceive and respond appropriately to the feelings and needs of their colleagues. This can lead to conflicts and discomfort in the team.
It is important for the other members of the team to understand that in some cases it is not a lack of sensitivity, but a different perception. Because such nerds and geeks perceive a lot, but sometimes so much unfiltered that they can't distinguish the important from the unimportant and reading the feelings of others is sometimes too stressful.

How can an employee learn social skills?

But don't panic! There are ways in which employees with poor social skills can improve their interpersonal skills and contribute to a positive team dynamic. The important thing to remember here is that it's not just people with limited social skills who can learn social skills! The people around them can also learn to better understand these "different" people and therefore no longer feel so easily offended.

Training and further education

We offer training courses to enable nerds, geeks and their team colleagues to communicate better and more empathetically.
In these trainings, nerds and geeks learn techniques that help them improve their social skills. Communication techniques, conflict resolution and empathy are important aspects covered in our trainings.

Mentorship and collaboration with other team members

Ensure that the collaborator works with experienced colleagues who have strong interpersonal skills. A mentor can give the nerd person valuable advice and helpful feedback to improve their interactions with others. In our seminars, we describe in more detail what such a mentoring program can look like and what it brings.

Positive reinforcement and recognition

Give the nerd person positive feedback when they make an effort to improve their social skills. Acknowledge their progress and encourage them to work on their weaknesses. Positive reinforcement can work wonders!

Encourage constructive teamwork

But how can you promote constructive teamwork and even make the team more innovative thanks to this striking person and their difference?

Clear communication and expectations

Make sure that all team members are informed about the expectations and goals for the team. After meetings, it makes sense to interactively ask again what has actually been agreed. Geeks also get bored quickly in meetings and then switch off, but forget to retain the most important information.
Clear communication is the key to a smooth workflow and can reduce uncertainty.

Team tasks and cooperation

Give team projects and tasks where team members can work together and contribute their strengths. But also give geeks the opportunity to work for themselves; teamwork is twice as hard for geeks. In such projects, employees with few social skills can benefit from the skills and ideas of other team members and get to know new perspectives.

Celebrating diversity and being different

Not every person on the team has to be the same! See the stand-out person in your team as an opportunity to incorporate new ways of thinking and make the team more innovative.
In their book "5-Second Model", the Bremen Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra described very well that high performance requires dissonance. And dissonance will occur above all in heterogeneous teams. We may often perceive dissonance as unpleasant, but what if we imagine classical music without dissonance? That would be really boring!
So be happy about every difference in your team and appreciate diversity!

We are happy to support you and your team in doing everything, but everything but ordinary!
Because everyone is already ordinary! 😉

If you have questions to this topic, write us a mail: kontakt@alice-moustier.com

Here you can download the 12 most important tips to make your business a success and prevent it from failing.

Book an appointment now at www.alice-moustier.com/free-call/ for a free telephone analysis session worth 75.00 euros. Go from nerd to successful entrepreneur!
We look forward to supporting you with your idea.

Morgen geht es los... in Potsdam startet dieses Jahr wieder die #Convention der German Speaker Association (#GSA). Ich freue mich bereits sehr darauf. Dieses Mal sogar in meinem damaligen Wohnort, wo ich 2016 meine #Selbstständigkeit begann: in #Potsdam. Und mittlerweile lebe ich weit entfernt davon und habe sogar eine Firma gegründet. Damals hätte ich das niemandem geglaubt, wenn mir jemand diese Zukunft vorausgesagt hätte! 

Das Interview-Video, welches ich gestern im Post verlinkt hatte, wurde vor zwei Jahren bei der Convention in #Neuss gedreht.

In meinem bald erscheinenden Buch über meine Gründungsjahre erzähle ich auch viel über Potsdam. Daher möchte ich dich die nächsten Tage mit auf die Reise nehmen und dir über meine Erlebnisse in Potsdam berichten. Hast du Fragen zur Gründung allgemein oder spezifisch in meinem Fall? Dann schreibe sie hier gerne in den Kommentar!

Tanja Gatzk

With a passion for IT and communication:
Why I decided to work with nerds and geeks or how I became a GeekyAliki 😜

Exactly two years ago I held an interview here in Neuss with Uli Funke and his colleague Selina Hare about my work in the IT field and the communication between nerds and their environment.

The day after tomorrow I will be at the same event again, this time in Potsdam. And you may guess which event it is 😉.

As a communications enthusiast for IT companies, I have the opportunity to use my skills to help nerds and geeks unleash their communication talents. It's often a challenge to combine technical expertise with effective communication. My expertise is in helping IT professionals develop their interpersonal communication skills and improve their presentation skills, because being #introverted doesn't stop you from succeeding!

In my trainings, I focus on giving participants tools and techniques to explain complex technical concepts in an understandable and engaging way. After all, in a time when IT is playing an increasingly important role in businesses, it's crucial that IT experts are able to communicate their ideas and solutions clearly and persuasively so that ordinary people can understand them too 😉 .

I am convinced that everyone can improve their communication skills, regardless of their individual strength for technology. It's about building a bridge between technical expertise and the ability to share that expertise.

In doing so, concise and understandable communication is important to me. After all, the simpler and clearer we can express ourselves, the better we can communicate ideas and inspire others with our vision. In my trainings, I help participants to structure their communication, to get to the point, and at the same time to be lively and descriptive. And very important in teams are the emotions. Because geeks mean many purely factual, but it often comes across hurtful to the communication partner.

My great passion is to see IT professionals who are not only technically brilliant, but also able to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. My vision is that IT companies can benefit from these talents and take their teams to a new level of communication.

So if you know of a company that would like to make a targeted investment in the communication skills of its employees, I'd be happy to help. Let's change the world of IT together with convincing and precise communication!

HEC Paris - Yesterday I went to visit my grandfather's university. 
The buildings looked quite new, 70s. I soon learned that my grandfather had not studied here, but that the HEC used to be in the middle of Paris. The building where he had studied was this one. 
And funny enough, yesterday I met friends from Lyon who now live right next to our former shoe shop. You can still tell from the house number that it was where the clothes shop "Carlaraffi" is now.

I passed by #Dräger France SAS yesterday, but since it was a holiday, I decided to go there another time. My co-author Christian Dräger will certainly be pleased when I bring him photos from Paris back to Lübeck next week 😀 Right now, the podcast interview with entrepreneur Arthur Tiar from savoirdessinerparis.fr is waiting for me in #StudioF, the #HEC Founders Campus.

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