Sunday, May 14, 2023
Alice Moustier

In the shoes of the grandfather

HEC Paris - Yesterday I went to visit my grandfather's university. 
The buildings looked quite new, 70s. I soon learned that my grandfather had not studied here, but that the HEC used to be in the middle of Paris. The building where he had studied was this one. 
And funny enough, yesterday I met friends from Lyon who now live right next to our former shoe shop. You can still tell from the house number that it was where the clothes shop "Carlaraffi" is now.

I passed by #Dräger France SAS yesterday, but since it was a holiday, I decided to go there another time. My co-author Christian Dräger will certainly be pleased when I bring him photos from Paris back to Lübeck next week 😀 Right now, the podcast interview with entrepreneur Arthur Tiar from is waiting for me in #StudioF, the #HEC Founders Campus.

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