Monday, May 15, 2023
Alice Moustier

a passion for IT and communication:

With a passion for IT and communication:
Why I decided to work with nerds and geeks or how I became a GeekyAliki 😜

Exactly two years ago I held an interview here in Neuss with Uli Funke and his colleague Selina Hare about my work in the IT field and the communication between nerds and their environment.

The day after tomorrow I will be at the same event again, this time in Potsdam. And you may guess which event it is 😉.

As a communications enthusiast for IT companies, I have the opportunity to use my skills to help nerds and geeks unleash their communication talents. It's often a challenge to combine technical expertise with effective communication. My expertise is in helping IT professionals develop their interpersonal communication skills and improve their presentation skills, because being #introverted doesn't stop you from succeeding!

In my trainings, I focus on giving participants tools and techniques to explain complex technical concepts in an understandable and engaging way. After all, in a time when IT is playing an increasingly important role in businesses, it's crucial that IT experts are able to communicate their ideas and solutions clearly and persuasively so that ordinary people can understand them too 😉 .

I am convinced that everyone can improve their communication skills, regardless of their individual strength for technology. It's about building a bridge between technical expertise and the ability to share that expertise.

In doing so, concise and understandable communication is important to me. After all, the simpler and clearer we can express ourselves, the better we can communicate ideas and inspire others with our vision. In my trainings, I help participants to structure their communication, to get to the point, and at the same time to be lively and descriptive. And very important in teams are the emotions. Because geeks mean many purely factual, but it often comes across hurtful to the communication partner.

My great passion is to see IT professionals who are not only technically brilliant, but also able to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. My vision is that IT companies can benefit from these talents and take their teams to a new level of communication.

So if you know of a company that would like to make a targeted investment in the communication skills of its employees, I'd be happy to help. Let's change the world of IT together with convincing and precise communication!

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